How to register with 1Click Job

  1. Go to and click “register”

  2. Click “Register Now!”

  3. Click “worker”

  4. Enter your name, email and phone number (must be in the international format eg +44) as well as a password. Check the terms and click “registration”


You will now have access to your profile page. However, we still need more information to approve you for work in the system.

How to become an approved worker with 1Click Job

  1. Click on “profile” at the bottom of the navigation bar on your left

  2. Click on your cartoon avatar to upload a picture of you. This is important so you can be recognised on sites by the people who hire you

  3. Scroll down and click to send confirmation codes to your phone and email. This is important to allow us to contact you for jobs.

  4. You will also need to set your location so that the system sends you jobs that suit. (You will not be sent any jobs without adding this)

  5. At the bottom click on the “skills” tab and upload any photos you have of your previous work. 

  6. You should also upload any qualification documents to the “construction documents” tab

  7. Finally, click the “jobs” tab at the top of the navigation bar on the left of your screen. Select from the jobs catalog the type of work you are looking for and click “add job.”


Once your profile has been checked and approved, you will be able to browse available jobs in the “relevant jobs” tab. You will also get notifications when new jobs are posted.