How to register with 1Click Job

  1. Go to and click “register”

  2. Click “Register Now!”

  3. Click “company”

  4. Enter your company name, your name, email address and a password. Check the terms and click “registration”


You will now have access to your company profile page. However, we still need more information to approve you to post jobs in the system.

How to become an approved company with 1Click Job

  1. Click on “company profile” on the navigation bar on your left

  2. Click on your cartoon avatar to upload your company's logo. 

  3. Click "edit profile" and fill in contact details for your company. This is so we can verify that you are a real company offering genuine employment opportunities

  4. Once your profile has been checked and approved, you will be able to assign a job manager and create posts for jobs.

  5. Potential employees will apply to your job posts and you can select who you wish to employ based on their profiles of work.