How does 1Click Job work for employers?

Once you have created a free account, you are ready to recruit trade professionals. Fill in the form on your profile page with the details of the job required. Include as much information as possible to ensure you attract the best applicants. 

Submitting your job form will send it to our list of professionals that match your description, who will then be able to apply for the job. You will be able to view the portfolio of each applicant and accept or decline. 


Once accepted by you, the professional is notified of the job specifics. On each day of work, the worker will check-in and check-out by providing you with a report and photos of the work completed on that day. You will have the opportunity to inspect and rate the work before approving payment.

How does 1Click Job work for workers?

Once you have created a free account, you are ready to accept construction jobs. Jobs will be sent to you based on your profile information. You will need to click to apply for suitable jobs so the employer knows you are available. If you are selected, you will receive specific details for the job.


On each day of work you will need to check-in and check-out by completing a job report and uploading photos of the work completed. Your work will be inspected and rated by the employer before approving your payment. Your photos and rating will contribute to your portfolio of work to help you gain further employment opportunities.