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Carpenter Job Description- How to get Job with 1 Click Job

Carpenter Job Purpose:

Works with building materials (most often wood) either on a construction site or in a workshop. Shapes and cuts materials. Installs finished materials like doors, window shutters, window frames, floorboards, etc. once they are cut and shaped.

Carpenter Job Duties:

  • Works with designers and planners on construction projects

  • Defers to the contractor's orders on large construction projects

  • Matches materials to requested design specifications

  • Measures building materials and spaces for installation accurately

  • Orders building materials as needed

  • Creates materials that fit the client's expectations

  • Assembles sturdy and well-constructed floorboards, skirting boards, window frames, doors, door linings, staircases, fitted furniture, cabinetry, shelving, and more

  • Incorporates fixtures like door handles and locks, cabinet handles, stairway railing, and other fixtures into design and implementation

  • Builds temporary housings and supports for setting concrete (shuttering)

  • Builds the framework of a building, bridge, ship, or other large-scale construction project

  • Crafts furniture with fine detail work and/or utmost sturdiness and quality

  • Utilizes skills in other related trades such as plumbing, roofing, bricklaying, painting, tiling, plastering, etc.

  • Participates in first fixing as well as second fixing work

  • Combines carpentry work with joining work

  • Repairs and refurbishes existing building work

  • Replaces damaged wood in hardwood floors and outdoor decks

  • Uses power tools and other tools to cut and shape wood, metal, and other materials

  • Communicates with the rest of the construction team

Carpenter Skills and Qualifications:

  • Meticulous, Precise,

  • Artistic,

  • Careful,

  • Craftsmanship,

  • Tools,

  • Construction,

  • Artisan,

  • Detail Work,

  • Design,

  • Woodworking,

  • Metalworking,

  • Installing Fixtures,

  • Concrete Setting (Shuttering),

  • Joining,

  • Plumbing,

  • Roofing,

  • Bricklaying,

  • Painting,

  • Tiling,

  • Plastering,

  • Communication.

How to apply for a carpenter job vacancy:

  1. Via the website:

  2. Download Android App

3. How it works:

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